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While surfing the Virginia Chronicle (https://virginiachronicle.com/), I
ran across this report from the *Radford News Journal*, 5 June 1941, pg. 1.
Based on that traffic, Walton and Cowan would have been happening places to
be to see all those freights go by to reach the under-construction plant.

*Plant Work Is 80 Pct. Complete*

The total number of bulk material loads received in railroad cars at the
plant for the week ending May 22 was 546, an increase of 56 over the
previous week. Of the 546 cars, 305 consisted of stone; 43 of sand; 25 of
merchandise; 21 of pipe; 33 of cement; 23 of rock dust; 29 of chemicals, 13
of lumber; and 16 of miscellaneous machinery. To this date, a total of
17,966 railroad cars of bulk materials have been received at the Radford
Ordnance works.

Also attached is a page from the *Hercules News*, a mimeographed newsletter
published weekly by the Hercules Powder Company (operator of the Radford
Arsenal) and the Mason & Hanger Company (contractor building the plant).
This page is possibly from 1941 and shows the multiple passenger trains
that were run to bring workers to the plant.

Bruce in Blacksburg

[image: Page4.jpg]
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