WWII Traffic Tidbits

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Mon Jan 30 15:06:29 EST 2023

Bruce, Very interesting. If I'm not mistaken the ten unpopular 4-8-2 
K3's were used for this service until sold in 1944 and 1945.

Four trains were required each day (except Sunday) for the arrival and 
departure of the First Shift men alone. RAAP had a busy station located 
somewhere on site.

John Garner

Also attached is a page from the Hercules News, a mimeographed 
newsletter published weekly by the Hercules Powder Company (operator of 
the Radford Arsenal) and the Mason & Hanger Company (contractor building 
the plant). This page is possibly from 1941 and shows the multiple 
passenger trains that were run to bring workers to the plant.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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