Class A sheathed smokebox.

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Thank you for your additional photos!  I am currently in Japan on business, but when I return I plan on ordering copies of the four photos received.  As a teenager in 1965, I spent some time in Smiths Falls, ONT hanging around the yard there.  I was able to enjoy an afternoon in the cab of a steam switcher shunting cars around the yard.  It was interesting that they could just throw the engine into reverse without coming to a full stop; the freight car(s) continuing on down the siding.  Conversations did not include any favorable comments regarding diesels!

Vic Chudoba

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These two photos clearly show the difference between a sheathed and an unsheathed smoke box on the 1218 and the 1200 respectively.

Good question. Hope this helps.

John Garner, Newport VA

Please forgive my ignorance and teach me what a “sheathed” smokebox is and its purpose, as well as how to know from a photo if it was installed.  Thank you!

Vic Chudoba

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