Class A sheathed smokebox

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I know this is stretching the list's subject coverage but I'm curious. 
Pray tell, what RR was operating steam in Smith Falls ONT in 1965?

John Garner

Thank you for your additional photos!  I am currently in Japan on =
business, but when I return I plan on ordering copies of the four photos 
received.  As a teenager in 1965, I spent some time in Smiths Falls, ONT 
hanging around the yard there.  I was able to enjoy an afternoon in the 
cab of a steam switcher shunting cars around the yard.  It was =
interesting that they could just throw the engine into reverse without =
coming to a full stop; the freight car(s) continuing on down the siding. 
  Conversations did not include any favorable comments regarding diesels!

Vic Chudoba

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