[StBernard] Permanent Monument

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Jul 29 00:52:00 EDT 2006

Who chose the Shell Beach location for the memorial? I was thinking that
place was chosen because the MRGO is the reason this happened to us so it
was to serve as a reminder to everyone using the MRGO. I hope they close


>While I think the thought of having a cross erected in memory of the

>victims is wonderful, and we should have some place for a memorial to

>those who perished, first responders and the survivors, I do not think

>the chosen location is the right place. I have doubts of how permanent

>this location will be once the next hurricane comes along.


>It is wonderful that the businesses who contributed to this memorial

>have given us something to have in time for our first anniversary of

>this significant date in St. Bernard history. However, I feel a more

>permanent, memorial or monument should be constructed in a place with

>better access by the family of victims and residents. I would like to

>suggest to the decision makers that they consider an ever better

>memorial such as the one being designed for 9/11 or the one in Oklahoma

>City. This should be in a place where visitors to the area will never

forget what happened in St.

>Bernard Parish on 8/29/05. It should be something that honors the

>victims, first responders from near and far as well as those who have

>given so much to assist in the rebuilding.


>My personal suggestion would be to have it constructed on or near the

>Battlefield. As the bulk of the visitors to St. Bernard Parish usually

>come to the Battlefield, it would have the most visibility and be in a

>prominent place for all to see. In this location, it could also be a

>reminder to all ships coming and going on the Mississippi. We need to

>be sure America never forgets.


>Whereas those who are still in St. Bernard and those who have left St.

>Bernard cannot agree on everything, I think it would be a tribute to

>all if everyone came together as a team to make this memorial a

>reality. It could be built from those old rusty pennies you found in

>the house or a brand new dollar bill you just got from the bank. I

>think with a fund set up and all size donations accepted, we could

>leave the parish with something that will be there for future generations

for years to come.



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