[StBernard] What is going on here?

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Jul 29 00:51:23 EDT 2006

Don't say that Jer. You will make it, think positive, I know it's hard but

your wife needs you and I'm sure others do too. It's so very hard, more
than any of us deserve but things just might work out with you and the LRA
and time will heal. Time is what we need and one day this will be a distant
memory, or a nightmare that is over. But it will be over, it can't last
forever. I know you don't want to hear it, but keep your chin up. Keep the



>Sorry, John, but my heart is with all St. Bernardians, living there, in

>state or out of state. Unfortunately, as you know I'm 700 miles away

>and cannot. Because I'm as broke as the Pope and can't afford to ask

>him for a ride in the Pope-mobile, I'll have to await co-ordinating my

>efforts of waiting for a mortgage demand letter and spending my last

>fortune to travel to Chalmette for the "courthouse shuffle" of removing

>their name from my ownership. There I plan on holding my last breath

>after a severe heart-attack from the heat suffered while forced to

>clean a foot of mud from a home I plan on selling to the LRA.


>My wife will have to handle the remainder of the LRA affairs after I'm

>gone, however. I don't plan on surviving this time. It just about

>killed me the last time. (both heat and finances to do so).


>However, thanks for the kudos. Keep everyone in pleasantry because as

>we all know, "Things are Hard in St. Bernard" but even worse where I

>lay my head on a sofa each night.


>Best, Jer.

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