[StBernard] Demolished - Gutting of Houses

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Jul 29 00:47:20 EDT 2006

"Craig, Can you tell me what the council is doing about the houses that were
demolised by the Christian group WITHOUT permission? Mine was one on the
houses demolished and now no one seem to know what to do about the debris.
Community Development told me I had to pick it up and Public Works said they
don't know what is going to happen. I don't understand how this group was
allowed to just go in a tear down houses. I thought there were checks and
balances in place so this kind of stuff does not happen. If you can tell me
what needs to be done that would be helpful. Thanks, Lenny"

**Lenny, if there WERE consistent "checks and balances" it would include a
"nessessary" call/and or mailout placed to the homeowner who has given this
info to the governmental body (which extends the demo (AND GUTTING) info to
the groups in charge that do the work. If it's done on a regular basis, the
checks and balances should work. However, knowinig/assuming how government
works from paycheck to paycheck, we can see how "slipping through the
cracks" also can occur on a regular basis if the assurance to contact people
to avoid this -- is not met. The result? Wasted resources and homeowners not
wishing to have their homes demoed are done and those who have been waiting
for theirs patiently in line have to wait longer (and those late to register
may not be given the graces to have theirs done) like mine (who I must say
have to continue to await gutting, but know because of infractions, etc. it
may not get done. I simply will not wish to die of a coronary awaiting a


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