[StBernard] Recovery - Rights and wrongs.

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Jul 29 00:59:30 EDT 2006

All: I firmly believe that ALL St. Bernardians who lost homes, whether now
in or away from the parish should be able to get the low-interest loans,
payments according to their income or where they plan on living as they were
victimized in the parish.

Whether they receive silent morgages ( see:
http://www.nhc.org/pdf/policy_silentmortgages_design_013106.pdf ) or else,
one should not have to face as a former Katrina Victim in complete misery.
Some of us were "complete homeowners" and were shocked to learn insurances
were a moot point in LA when it came to flood insurances or even naïve to
how things worked.

I've heard the LRA considered such a plan, but because the LRA is seeing fit
NOT to have ADVISORS up front to instruct good folks from the parish, many
decisions, alas, will be half-a$$ or inappropriate as to move one's destiny
to a successful recovery.

Too bad they didn't ask me what I thought was needed to recover (remember,
if you want to know how a person feels, it's often wise to walk in another's
shoes to understand), because some of our ideas make much better sense than
is what's transpiring at this stage of the game (and believe me, this game
is no fun!).

Regards, =-jer=-

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