[StBernard] need info - da real truth

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 1 01:43:46 EDT 2006

Oh, I'm not taking any messages with a grain of salt no matter WHERE I read
it, even here. I've learned to trust my family after Katrina and therefore,
when I read material I find facts to back them up and not just declare that
they are as valid as politicians <smile>..

However, there is a great deal of distrust and info that rarely gets to us
in stable, unadulterated truth. Three of the concerns was in my original
posting, so I won't repeat it here. Only to say that even in parish
government there are a number of politicians who squabble back and forth
seeking truths and what each feel is most proper. In the meanwhile loans
sought to help the parish are squabbled and with each waking day, the potato
chips and sodas get more numerous at the meetings. Perhaps it's because of
the depression felt by the parish's own inability to get the job done with
few dollars offered them these days, we don't know.

But, concerning health issues I've discussed, there's going to be a day of
reckoning at some point and we expect the guilentine's polished and
cleansing blade will fall where earth's gravity is the slickest known.

Best to the parish (and what's left of it at this chaotic moment in time).
God needs to clean up St. Bernard's act at the earliest possibility, but
pray that he waits until His chosen people here in St. Bernard can move out
of the way of his Armaggedden's wrath -- because so many citizens need His
grace and forgiveness these days before they become mired into oblivion.


I saw the entire thread on nola.com you are referring to. As you know, that
is not a moderated forum. I've seen posters such as trailerman, and then
someone creates and i.d. of trailermaM.

I had read about the folks on one street near Murphy who were already in
FEMA trailers and repairing when FEMA told them they had to move the trailer
due to contamination. If they didn't wish to, they could sign a waiver and
stay. I have no idea what part of the zone this was in, but if it was due
to Murphy oil contamination, Murphy should be foreced to remove all that
soil until a clean level is reached.

That being said, I do take with a grain of salt MUCH of what I see posted on

My two cents for what it's worth.


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