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Thursday, July 27, 2006 8:00 a.m.

Dave Peralta, Chief Administrative Officer

Present: 25

Emergency Operations: Larry Ingargiola.
1. A meeting will be held for project work sheets with Fema and State on
Friday July 28, 2006 at 10:00 a.m.
2. Dewalt Tool Company will be coming down once a month with a crew to help
gutting of homes.

Community Development: Gina Hayes. Not present.

Public Works and Water and Sewer: Chris Merkl.
1. The dump on Paris Road still needs rocks before we can open it to the
2. All water bills were sent out by mail. We are going back to normal
services if a resident does not pay their water bill it will be turned off
by the second billing cycle notice.
Curry reports:
1. We continue picking up the debris. The weather with rain Monday and
Tuesday has put us a bit behind with picking up. Also it had delayed the
picking up of mud.
2. The drop stations are about finished as soon as we get more rocks for the
3. Fema says we can not demolish any commercial business buildings because
they can not get reimbursed.
4. URG will start demolition in the Murphy oil spill area.

Recovery: John Rahaim
1. We have gutted 1,579 homes of the elderly and or handicap to date and we
still have 1,050 left to be done.

Public Assistance:
Residential: Craig Taffaro.
1. Allison Davis with Fema has given me an updated report of trailers that
will be available soon. To date commercial units 275 units and 266 units for
those residents who were renters.
2. Council had a special meeting last night on the mosquito issue. This is a
public health problem and we will get more samples results on Friday.
Swimming pools are not an issue right now they are really doing some good
with having the snakes and minnows in them. We have sent our third appeal
for Health issues from homes.
3. You will be hearing more about the August 29 deadline as it gets closer
and we have no intentions of extending that date.

Bell South: Bob Kelly
1. We have more areas that will be able to have phone service for residents.

Business: Charles Ponstein.
1. Yesterday we had our CRC meeting and the Council will be reviewing the
champions for that committee.

Private Non-Profit: Judy Hoffmeister. Not present.

Volunteers: Gidget McDougall
1. We are still working on the events for the Katrina one year Anniversary.
2. Home Expo is scheduled for Saturday July 29, 2006 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00

Agriculture/Wildlife and Fisheries: Ricky Melerine. Not present.

Lake Borgne Basin Levee District: Bob Turner.
1. Final inspection with the Corps at the Violet Locks to Verret all
structural work was done. Minor water still standing in some area but the
grass is growing.
2. We are still having a few problems with the pumps stations. Pump #6 we
have one engine out trying to fix the problem by the end of the week. Pump
#7, still has a large amount of marsh grass and debris. The project
worksheets are not finished being written.

Medical: Dr. Bryan Bertucci.
1. August 1 is the Public Health meeting and a LRA meeting August 10 that I
will be attending.
2. We have a total of 146 names that died in results to Katrina plus 6
people are still missing. We need the exact numbers for the Anniversary
events for the memorial services.

EMS: Janie Fuller. Not present.

Public Safety: Sheriff's Office. Pete Tufaro. Not present.

Fire Department: Armand Buuck
1. We had 42 calls since Monday 22, of them was EMS, one trailer electric
short and 2 trash fires.

Environmental Issues:
CDC and DEQ: Wayne Desselle.
1. I may not be attending the next few Monday morning meetings because of
being at another site.

EPA: Not present.
Murphy Oil: Karl Zornes.
We have picked up 391,000 cubic yards of debris to date. Starting Saturday
July 29 will be the last day for Murphy to pickup then URG will take over
picking up debris.

Parish Government:
Parks and Recreation: Ronnie Neil
1. Tonight is the last night for baseball/softball games.
2. We soon will start soccer registration.
External Affairs: No report.

General Information:
Next meeting scheduled for Monday, July 31, 2006 at 8:00 a.m.

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