[StBernard] St. Bernard rebuilding after Katrina

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St. Bernard rebuilding after Katrina

2theadvocate.com staff writer
Published: Aug 28, 2006

>From a report by News 2's Ken Pastorick

With many businesses reopening in St. Bernard, the hard-hit parish is
showing signs of life post-Katrina. However, the area still has a long way
to go.

"Open for business" signs all over Chalmette show how the city is coming
back to life. However, with many more boarded up and bare businesses all
around them, the people of St. Bernard know they have an uphill struggle

Less than one-third of parish residents are back home, but those who have
returned are hopeful.

"It's coming back, but slow. But we do have a grocery store now, and we do
have a drug store, and we have a few banks, so it's coming back. But iI
think it's going to take a lot of time," said Audrey Serigne of Chalmette.

Signs of rebirth can be seen everywhere across the parish.

At Chalmette High School, students seemed excited as the new school year
started with 3,000 of the parish's 8,800 students back in the classroom.

"I love being here. I don't really think about it that much. [But] it's
still on your mind," said Megan Murphy, a freshman at Chalmette High. "But
when you're here, everyone has been through it. It's easier to cope with it
here than having to cope with it somewhere else."

Volunteers and donations from all over the world have helped in the
rebuilding of St. Bernard. For instance, the city of Central raised
$190,000 for the school system to buy three new buses.

As reported on WBRZ News 2 Louisiana at 6 p.m

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