[StBernard] bad contractors and realtors

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 28 22:15:15 EDT 2006

I pass this story along so that others may take action if this situation

My parents faithfully cut the grass and keep their properties clean while
awaiting demolition, or if it never comes from FEMA, pay for demolition
themselves. A real estate firm has purchased five homes in their block.
First they started throwing their daily garbage on my parents property so my
parents call the real estate company and told them off about it and that

Last week the contractor for the real estate company bulldozed the rear
yards of these homes and then pushed it behind my parents' home in the right
of way of the Lake Borgne Levee District. When my parents called again to
complain, the agent said, "That's the problem with you people in St.
Bernard. You complain too much." Had I been on the phone I would have said,
"I guess that's why you invested in five homes on this block, because you
know we people care about our properties." So then my parents contacted Bob
Turner at the levee district who notified their levee police who will be
following up on this, getting it removed for illegal dumping, and watching
this area for more of the same.

Bottom line-don't put up with anyone trashing your property or public
property because they are too cheap to take responsibility. Call the
sheriff, call the parish public works, call your councilman, call the levee
district if it is a drainage row. Don't mess with St. Bernard or its
residents should be our mantra. Illegal dumping should always be reported.


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