[StBernard] St. Bernard Parish needs you to Vote Sep 30

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Sep 21 22:18:43 EDT 2006


Part of my message was cut off. I had written a note asking for support for
the millage renewals that will be voted on, I believe on November 7th.
There are a number of them and the first two pertain to the St. Bernard
Parish Library. I wanted folks to remember that these were millage
renewals--not new millages. Also, the millages are actually being renewed
for less than they were originally approved for due to the decrease in
property values--even before Katrina. If I'm remembering wrong, perhaps
Craig can clarify. But I pretty sure they are for less.

Since I'm no longer an employee of the library, I thought I'd take advantage
of being able to "campaign" for the millage renewal! I am hoping that we
can eventually reopen and begin to serve St. Bernard Parish residents once

Thanks for your consideration.


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