[StBernard] Shipping interests pushing for MR-GO

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Sep 23 22:52:29 EDT 2006


If you'll notice, I had names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses,
whatever I could find on the three names mentioned in the article, all at
the bottom. Scroll down and you'll see them in this message also.

David lives on Robert E. Lee it looks like. The big noise in the group is
Billy Marchal. Seems like he is just a professional activist, kinda like
Anne Rolf or whatever her name is from the Bucket Brigade.


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I cannot believe these clowns are going to try and bullshit us again with
false benefits of the MRGO. Let me suggest this: if these businesses are so
confident the MRGO can be reopened and managed correctly, then are they
willing to each sign a $10 billion damage bond should the MRGO ever again
flood over Orleans and St. Bernard? You can bet your ass they wouldn't be
willing to go along with that - even though "they" are they only ones who
want the ship channel open and would make use of it.

Gee, what a deal!... get Congress to spend our tax dollars to reopen MRGO,
"they" get to use it and make money off it, but we homeowners get screwed
again when the next Katrina wipes us out again and we're left holding the
bag - and to bury those killed.

I wonder if David Kearney lives in St. Bernard or has any family here? Does
he or any businessman affiliated with the MRGO have any sense of morality?

- John Scurich

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> Billy Marchal

> 504-756-7830

> awmarchal at cox.net

> -------------------------------------



> 4000 France Road Parkway

> New Orleans, LA 70126-6153

> Tel: 504.831.0266

> Fax: 504.831.7669

> info at kearneycompanies.com

> ginger at neworleansadvertising.com

> David Kearney (504) 283-1817 311 W Robert E Lee Blvd,New Orleans, LA 70124


> --------------------------------

> Thompson Equipment Company, Inc.

> PO Box 4189

> New Orleans, LA 70178-4189

> Bruce Thompson, President - brucet at teco-inc.com


> Physical Address:

> 125 Industrial Avenue

> New Orleans, LA 70121


> You may call or fax us at the following numbers:


> New Orleans

> 504.833.6381 phone (emergencies handled 24/7/365)

> 504.831.4664 fax


> Baton Rouge

> 225.293.6663 phone

> 225.293.6673 fax


> sales at teco-inc.com

> support at teco-inc.com

> acct at teco-inc.com

> teco at teco-inc.com

> info at teco-inc.com

> -------------------------------------

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