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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Nov 3 00:27:33 EST 2006

"..suggestions for implementing a vision for St. Bernard.."

**Actually, it's a chuckling vs tongue-in-cheek debate from observers: Who

What are planners going to do? Buy everyone out and start from virgin,
unoiled, unpopulated, without oil companies scents, emissions and
embarassments? Leave some 12 feet into the air on pilings while those who
have chosen to clean up and stick it out with their present situation at
ground level? Is this a 50 year program or is it anticipatory that it'll be
done in 3-5 yrs? <start the grin here>.

Realistic planning? What type of demographics are considered here in terms
of "new blood" coming into the parish, and that includes transients,
illegals, da N'awlins crowd and oil-workers? (pardon but oil workere should
not be included with the likes of the preceding!)..<g>..

Optimistically at best, a new vision for an old solution/remedy actually
means ripping apart everything in sight prior to a fresh vision. Starting
from "da ground up" and not addenums to old problems. It's like a shack in
front and in da back yard, you'll build a 1 million dollar mansion.

Focus, focus, focus. (and yes, common sense says it's still a good practice
to have new (in exception of landmarks and historic areas).

How can it be otherwise as some prefer to see St. Bernard - as they left it
pre-Katrina. Others want a new start, a new life and a chance to have a
rebuilt community second to none. Who wins?

In the plan, will it go to a 90% bedroom community and 10% economic
development and business now that 90% of business have left? What safeguards
are in place to prevent a Chef-New Orleans East from occuring with Asian
Slime-Saver Outlets or more mom-and-pop stores whose food, for the most part
have driven many to eat in Metairie? (Yes, there were a "few" eating
establishments), but it's been sickening to watch some francise restaurants
like Popeyes, with long-dreds slapping the chicken, cashiers exchanging
money and then make your tacos or fast foods?

The list goes on and on, but you know..that's only one observation. There
were 69,000 at one time and now it's 20,000 or less. What's the future hold?
For the sake of the dedicated to continue life in St. Bernard we pray it's
more promising than not.


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