[StBernard] Greetings from Tokyo: An e-postcard from GovernorKathleen Babineaux Blanco --OOOPSS!!!

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Nov 3 00:39:11 EST 2006

" Shintec! .. is investing $1 Billion in a PVC plant in Louisiana."

Oh, this is great. Perhaps Louisianas nearby should place a funnel outwardly
and catch some of the noxious, wonderful aromas which grace the environment
as it ebbs back in forth through the neighborhoods. We can bet there won't
be a cancer situation developing in the area. Ken Ford would be up in arms
at the thought of it hitting St. Bernard, you can believe it.

Is that what Louisiana wants in it's backyard? Taking what 49 other states
have turned down in their quest for cleaner air and a chance for kids to
grow up without mutant body parts? Is it too much to ask? Hard-up Louisiana
is taking the scraps like a junkyard dogs jumping at a chance to catch a
steak through in his direction.

I tell you folks, why can't we (and St. Bernard, perhaps) can't attract
companies that are going to do us good, improve our reputation and garnish
our lives with beauty and proud work neighbors? No technology, very little
non-toxic hopes is the best we can do to rebuild in our state?

Choking/coughing in bed (as a non-smoker) is not everyone's "perfect
example" as we seek an appreciable "meaning of life".


It's been a busy trip so far! We are inviting companies to do business in
Louisiana just as we planned to do before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We
have been very well received, and company executives tell me there is a
great deal of interest in Louisiana right now. In Japan we met with Toyota
executives and had a meeting with the Japan External Trade Organization. We
also met with Shin-Etsu, which is the parent company of Shintech. As you
know, Shintec! h is investing $1 Billion in a PVC plant in Louisiana. The
Chairman informed us of the nine businesses in his family of companies, that
offers us great opportunities for the distant future. We also made a
personal visit to their semiconductor silicon crystal plant. We just have
arrived in China. It is almost midnight and we have had a long day, but I
look forward to the days ahead.

- Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

During her two-week business development mission to Asia, Governor Kathleen
Babineaux Blanco will share her experience with constituents through
e-postcards. Her trip will take her to Japan, China, and Taiwan as she works
to maintain relationships with investors who have projects or current
investments in Louisiana while cultivating new investors exploring
opportunities in the state.


The Louisiana Disaster Re covery Foundation Louisiana's Fund for Louisiana's
People www.louisianahelp.org

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