Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Nov 3 21:51:55 EST 2006

I got excited too soon. I thought she was re-opening in Chalmette. Sorry
it is in Mandeville. I hate the traffic over there,so I guess that I won't
be shopping there, anymore.


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To all who are on my email list, I'm sorry if you got this and you are not
my regular email buddies, but I wanted to put the word out that Rapture is

After 14 months of praying, I've finally got the answer. I'm going to shoot
for a Dec. 1 open date, which is way too crazy, but when I did it in
Chalmette, I opened on Dec. 12 and that lasted for 7 great years, so I know
God will help me to get it done this time.

The address is 7039-B Hwy. 190 Service Rd. Which is the service rd. that
Simple Goodness in Mandeville is located on. Right by Lakeview Regional
Hospital off the Fairway Dr. exit. AWESOME LOCATION !!

Spread the word and hope to see some of my former customers.


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