[StBernard] New direction for America

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Nov 11 16:59:31 EST 2006

Well, since someone brought it up:

A "New Direction" can mean:

More taxes, allies with Al Queda (didya notice they praised the liberals,
congratulating the demos and assuming they will offer the Al Queda future
support?), future liberal judges and ratical "law-making" from da bench!,
more government interference and outlay to programs that lean to supporting
a limp mind and body (as opposed to good work ethics ; Did someone mentioned
more taxes up the kazoo? Increasing unethical logic, sciences, and social
views; less God in people's lives and more atheistic compliances;

Then there's rights? Whose rights? Ours or bloated government control? Less
guns in our homes (Just at 4am this morning, a hoosier repeated rang my bell
claiming he was hurt in an auto accident, thought he broke his shoulder and
needed an ambulance, I told him to wait. I called the 911 police. I told him
so and he walked away. I found a hammer a couple feet away from him this
morning on the lawn. The cops couldn't find him. My gun was destroyed in
Katrina. I don't feel I should be fearful of the community finding me
blungeoned to death the next day.).

Babies, unborn and otherwise. I shouldn't have to get into such a delicate
subject about the unborn.

Stock Market, oil prices, inflation, jobs, you name it. A new direction
towards hopelessness, unethical behaviors (oh, well we'll give the liberals
one here for allowing love of homosexuality, in exception if a conservative
senator gets pegged as one <grin>...

Yes, power to the people, and not depression, misery and distain from
distasteful government actions leading to distasteful liberal ones.


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