[StBernard] New direction for America

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Nov 13 00:47:52 EST 2006

Well.....since you brought it up Jerry; here's what it probably means:

An end to the sleaze and corruption such as:
Randy "Duke" Cunningham-CA
Bob Ney-OH
Tom Delay-TX
Jack Abramoff (sp?) Republican Lobbyist
Mark Foley-FL who loved to feel up the boys in the Cong Page program
and the wonderful right-wing fundamentalist minister from CO who visited the
White House frequently who was revealed to be having sex and doing crank
with a male prostitute.

How about an end to earmarks such as the Alaska "bridge to nowhere" that
cost we taxpayers **billions** each year?

How about a *plan* (with our new SecDef) to accomplish the mission in Iraq
and then get our folks out and back home?

How about revising the Social Security prescription "giveaway to the drug
companies" program and model it after the way DOD and VA force the companies
to give discounts to those agencies? Nothing wrong with that; it's called
buying power.

Think about this:
A majority of our parish council endorsed Charlie Melancon; including the
Republican members. What did they see in Charlie or what did they NOT see
in Craig Romero?

And, there were a goodly number of Republicans who thought they were in
"safe" seats who got the boot. Why?

This election, imo, was about sending a message to the politicians. Folks
weren't happy with the status quo and they let the politicians know it.

Don't forget Jerry, there is a pretty good number of these newly-elected
Democrats who are blue-dog, conservative-moderate Democrats. They aren't
going to go along with a far-left agenda by Pelosi.

And before you say "Oh, the Republicans weren't the first to have a scandal
in the House; what about the Democrats with the House Post Office scandal?"
Well, that's true. But not germaine. This election was about the scandal
and corruption going on *now*.

Now, what will happen if the Democrats don't deliver on what the electorate
wants? They'll be voted out in 2 years, plain and simple.

Finally, I didn't realize this listserv was political. I thought it was
about news of and for the parish. But that's cool if Westley wants to allow
it. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna let it be one-sided.


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