[StBernard] Stylish cottage for Katrina country is a big hit

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Nov 13 22:35:25 EST 2006

When you put it that way, Craig, it makes so much sense. I'm talking about
the Katrina Cottage issue. But how, how in the world do we get congress and

and our federal government to make any sense? How do we get them to change
this Stafford Act? Ya'll are trying, the whole region is trying but is
seems like we are beating out heads up against the wall. Why do they make it

so hard for us? Why is everything such a problem? You are right, the
cottage seems to cost $47,000 for the 3 bedroom, from what I read. That
does not include labor which in my experience these days seems to double
that price. That money could and should be used to really help with a real
house. Don't they see this? Are they so wasteful with our tax money that
they just don't care? It's like the millions and billions they are talking
about is not even real money that people have worked hard for and sacraficed

for to pay these taxes. It is just mind boggling to me. If we everyday
working people managed our money that way, we would all need to file


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