[StBernard] Governor Blanco sets a fast pace for Investment Session

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Sun Dec 10 09:54:00 EST 2006

Governor Blanco sets a fast pace for Investment Session
Legislative package clears House committees

BATON ROUGE - December 9, 2006 - One day into the Special Session and Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco's plan to invest in Louisiana's families, businesses, and communities is on the move. This morning, Governor Blanco testified before the House Appropriations and Ways and Means Committees on behalf of her legislative package, which was swiftly approved.

"We gather to get an early start on our shared goal of giving the people's money back to them," Governor Blanco told committee members. "We have a targeted and responsible plan that uses conservative budget projections to make significant investments in our people, our economy, and our future."

Governor Blanco called the special session before the end of the year so Louisiana's families can enter the New Year with tax cuts that will apply to the 2006 tax year, the state can refund Louisiana Citizens insurance assessments and avert another insurance assessment, and Louisiana can enhance its standing in a competitive economic development recruitment effort during a critical time of decision.

This morning House committees approved the following bills in Governor Blanco's plan:

- HB 72, HB 84 to refund the Louisiana Citizens assessment in order to provide insurance rate relief to homeowners
- HB 26, HB 27, HB 28, HB 29, HB 30, HB 35, HB 53, HB 59 to provide tax cuts for Louisiana's families and businesses
- HB 82, HB 31 to make targeted investments in our citizens including a pay raise for teachers, support workers, police, firefighters and sheriffs
- HB 90 dedicating funds to redesign health care
- HB 57 to strengthen emergency communications statewide
- HB 52 to give Louisiana a competitive advantage in luring a mega manufacturing plant to our state
- HB 80 to appropriate fiscal year 05-06 surplus funds to areas like roads and local government FEMA match to assist with debris removal
- HCR 6 to raise the state's debt limit for one year to provid! e insurance rate relief, pay raises and support economic development

The Governor's legislative package moves now to the full House of Representatives for consideration.


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