[StBernard] Road Home Weekly Program Update

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 23 21:41:12 EST 2007

As of January 22, 2007

Total applications received and recorded to date: 101,657
Appointments scheduled or held: 68,446
Benefits calculated:
(requires verification of all data and home evaluation)
Benefit Options Selected (Total):

* Option 1 - 9,817
* Option 2 - 1,408
* Option 3 - 266


Amount of benefits calculated: $2.45 billion
Average benefit calculated: $82,581
Closings scheduled: 325
Closings held: 258

For a full report of Parish and Zipcode data please access the following link:
Road Home Weekly Program Update 01-22-07 <http://www.roadcommunications.com/assets/docs/RHP012207.doc>

Please note Parish and ZIP code data contained within the document is based on number of applications received as of 1/18 (100,273). However, in an effort to provide you with the most up to date application information we are reporting above is the latest number of applications as of 1/22 (101,657).

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