[StBernard] Send Emails to the Council

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 23 21:58:12 EST 2007

Since we are talking about e-mailing council menbers, I thought I'd tell you

guys about my e-mail experience with Mr. Reppel. I know ya'll have all
heard me complaining about the dumping of tires and other material on my
front lawn as well as the large shipping container that floated on to the
driveway of a house I own and am trying to renovate. I have called every
number and asked every person I can think of to get this debris removed,
including URG, Jack Stephen's office, the council complaints department as
well as at least 10 other local government numbers that were given to me as
I was passed from one government employee to another. I have been trying for

over a year. As a last resort I called Junior's office. His secretary told

me to e-mail Mr. Reppel and explain all this to him, which I did. Within a
week all of this debris was removed and is now gone. I am happy about that
and it makes the neighborhood look so much better. Since then, my neighbor
accross the street has started working on her house and has new doors and
windows, as well as many more of my neighbors. When one person starts, it
gets others moving. This is something positive that I wanted to share and
also to tell you that maybe e-mailing your council member is a good idea and

could be very helpful. Good luck to all of you.


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