[StBernard] Claim For to Sue Corps

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Feb 5 18:33:24 EST 2007

Westley: "If we can come up with a consensus on how to fill it out, I'll
post a PDF of the form with everything except names and addresses to make it

Jer: I for one, completed the claimant statement gotten from the Torres
trailer on Judge Perez (trailer on right) where they accept the form and
have it forwarded to Jerald Andry. (concerning the Corps of Engineers,
(feds) etc. I suppose downloading, completing and mailing is as equally

When I completed it, I wrote damages incurred by the broken levees, whether
anyone was hurt physically or mortally, who was living there, and anyone who
might have witnessed the floodwaters, disaster, etc. We can assume by this
line of questioning, that they are/were fact-finding as to witnesses to
levee breaks, time of damages, flood heights, video, etc. for their day in
court. There will probably be a reckoning one day.

I hope God helps me cope with the degree of pain, suffering, anger and
frustration I, family, church, friends and acquaintences I've faced since
August 29, 2005.

I remember the progression vividly:

1. Shock and awe

2. Denial/Disbelief

3. Fear and Anxiety - from awareness and as an eyewitness who saw the
property when allowed back to parish.

4. Frustration from all events, legal entanglement, dependency upon
public/social assistances of FEMA, Red Cross, etc.

5. Shock and awe again from determination by insurance companies to disallow
payments to me/family/friends, etc.
6. Anger for retribution, justice rendered and acts of righteousness to
become available.

7. Start of road to recovery

8. Disappointment as to Road Home, other assistances toward recovery

9. Future developments on hold until life can be repaired, corrected or when
justice prevails

10. This leads us to where we stand currently that can include the
Feds/Corps of Engineers/MRGO project to be resolved positively, Road Home
frustration eliminated and funding in our pockets.

11. Road to Recovery commences throughout the duration of life. If there is
purgatory (and even Hell)on earth, I must not be praying enough because it
hurts each minute, hour and day to relive the nightmare with such frequency.

I pray for our mental/physical health during the ordeal.


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