[StBernard] Friday Fines

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Feb 12 20:34:32 EST 2007


no need to secure the house as it is being demolished, but it is necessary
to keep the grass from being overgrown- not manicured but just knocked down.
If there is debris in the yard that prohibits a cutting, please try to spray
anything that may get out of control.

Also, if you can call the address in, I will check the hold up as early
houses should have been long completed. 278-4217.

Good luck and God Bless,

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Could you please tell me if houses that are on the demo list will be fined
if the grass is not cut by Friday? We have verified several times that the
house will be demoilition, but there are no signs that it will happen soon.
We put his house on the list very early as he is 92 and knew he would not be
able to rebuild.

I appreciate your response,

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