[StBernard] bike path between NO and BR for $33 million

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Feb 12 20:55:44 EST 2007

Incredible! Gee, I bet a lot of people who live in B.R. can't wait to ride
6 hours to N.O. for work. Westley, see Citybusiness story about this idea.

By CityBusiness staff report

2007-02-12 11:54 AM CST

BATON ROUGE (AP) - A recently completed stretch of paved bike path that runs
atop the Mississippi River levee from downtown Baton Rouge to LSU soon could
be extended all the way to New Orleans.

The proposed levee bike path would run an estimated 110 miles and cost an
estimated $33 million.

The first step is to complete a $250,000 master plan that could qualify the
project for federal funds likely to cover 80 percent of construction costs.
The other 20 percent would come from local and state sources.

Pete Newkirk, public works director for the city-parish government, said he
plans to ask the Metro Council Wednesday to chip in $12,500 to help fund the
$250,000 study.

Bruce Wickert, an experienced cyclist who the heads the local Metropolitan
Planning Organization's Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, said a bike path
has already been constructed from Audubon Park in New Orleans north almost
to Norco.

Wickert said that if the proposed Mississippi River Levee Bike Path becomes
a reality, it will likely be used in segments for recreational purposes.

"But you could travel the whole 110 miles about six hours at a moderate pace
of about 17 mph," Wickert said.*

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