[StBernard] LRA and Demolishing House

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Feb 22 20:01:26 EST 2007

Craig or anyone who can answer:
We have gutted our house (in BVN), keep up our grass, etc., but
rather than spend the additional money to put up doors and windows, we want
to have the house demolished. We are waiting on an LRA award; we received
the first "gold letter," and we sent in our response saying that the house
was undervalued (we included an appraisal). I called the LRA today to check
on the status of that. They told me that they had received our letter, and
they would either re-issue our gold letter, or -- this is important -- they
may need to send out another evaluator to our house to re-do the value. I
asked her about that several times, and she said that, while they may not
need to do that, it "is possible" that another evaluator will need to see
the house before they will increase our award. She could not give me any
time frame as to when that might occur.
Of course, I know that the LRA gives people all kinds of
information, but has anyone else been told this? That information from the
LRA may discourage people from demolishing before they get an award.

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