[StBernard] LRA award letter

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Feb 22 20:02:07 EST 2007

It does come out of your award and you also have to pay taxes on the
interest gained in your LRA account. They get ya coming and going. MsSimms

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> Syl,


> I read that to mean that the LRA is going to pay all the closing costs.


> As for Recording Fees, that depends on their definition. All parishes


> a fee for recording a change in title, which varies from parish to parish.

> Naturally, all attorneys also have a fee for preparing the paperwork the

> parish requires to record the change.


> The only thing that is not clear to me is if the recording fees come out


> your award. I don't think they do, but with the group running this show,

> all the way up to the top, who knows?


> Westley


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> I received my golden letter, also. In reading the last page, I am curious

> about one of the statements that answer the question "What amounts are


> on your behalf at closing ?" (....assistance will be used to pay off or


> down on your behalf any of the following obligations...) One of the

> obligations is "Fees for Recording the Road Home agreements." Does anyone

> know how much these fees are ? We're hardly getting anything now, why


> we have to pay recording fees ? The hugh amount of money this company is

> getting for doing such a poor job should include these fees already. Has

> anyone gone to a closing or knows someone has and can give me an idea how

> much these fees run ?


> Syl

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