[StBernard] Field of Dreams

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Mar 10 10:33:13 EST 2007

Yes, it was the oil spill, and could be a politician's wish to get racing
cars re-established, etc. This area should have been a cemetery instead of a
park where we leave the dead to die, being it could have been ground zero to
Katrina's wrath. The area has more deserted homes in a concentrated area
than most that haven't been reoccupied (other "finer areas" of upscale homes
somehow had/got money/insurance money, etc.) to rebuild and this Versailles
area after Katrina and Murphy incident became the armpit of St. Bernard, so
to speak. Now they want to put a park there. Yes, Green space is what's been
argued by so many from Florida Ave. to Judge Perez. Somehow, a "design team"
spent a great deal of time outlaying plans (the grand plan for a 'new St.
Bernard Parish')for a "new, improved, eco-friendly, modernized St. Bernard
and the entire area should be raked, resigned, and established into
grassland which Mother Nature intended inititially. That's telling us
something when a great majority of people have moved away from the area to
other parts of St. Bernard or beyond to escape the trauma.

If one has rotten teeth, why is the solution to use mouthwash, when there's
deeper problems of fillings, crowns and removal that is indicated?

--Build the damn park, will you? Put it in however in a more "blessed place"
and not one that's been, has and will be cursed for eons. Why must it be
that "the stupid is what stupid does?"


Thanks for the insight, Karen.

I believe we do need a park for the children. We don't need any more bars,
tatoo parlors, skin tanning, etc. We need to do something for the children.
I just don't think that the correct place was chosen. I can't help wonder
why it is believed the park should be built there. Are there certain
politicians or big named people in that area who want to come back but want
to ensure their area will be repopulated before doing so? Wasn't this area
in the oil spill? Why not put the park in an area where no one is returning
and is being considered for "green space". This would help alleviate the
possibility of the state using these areas for Section 8 housing.

I don't know the rules and maybe we have to use an area that was already
slated as a park. But even if that's the case, why don't we get rid of all
the trailers at Park Chenier and revamp Park Chenier as the new recreation

Karen Fernandez

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