[StBernard] US Young Republicans Dine at Rockys

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Mar 10 10:34:06 EST 2007

After moving back to the parish 2 weeks ago I went to Rocky's tonight to get
food to go. A sign on the door stated that they were closing early for a
private party. Someone said that it was a party for Jr. However it was for
the visiting delagation of the Young Republicans. After conferring with
several of the attendees it was explained that they were a group from all
over the US, ages 18 to 40.

I thought that it was great that it was arranged for them to dine at
Rocky's, I'm sure that Mike Bayham who was in attendance had something to do
with it.

I was fortunate to meet with several of the attendees. They told me that
they had taken a tour through the 9th ward, It seems that everyone has to be
taken through the 9th ward as if our devastation doesn't count for anything.
They asked me several questions. Most important was what did we need to get
our lives back in order. Of course all I could answer was that the monies
allocated by the government to assist people that were not or under
insured needed to get disbursed to get these people back into their homes.

J Dolese

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