[StBernard] Field of Dreams

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Mar 10 10:42:47 EST 2007

Oh, if a park has to be built, place it in a non-Murphy spill. I've removed
my family from my old property because of the Oil Spill. I had a vegetable
garden and would never again eat from the soil in that area. I certainly
wouldn't want my kids sliding in the earth where you say, "They need clean
and safe facilities". Didn't Murphy say that they STILL needed to go into
properties and do a thorough cleansing of their damage? Has that changed?
Has Versailles moved from the oil-spill boundary?

How about the toxic poisons that floated from my garage/shed a block away?
Has that been lifted from the soil, dissipating into oblivion? I'm not
saying that every place is pristine and carefree from germs and toxicities.
But with millions of gallons of these undesirables, why would I want to be
part of what some have coined "the love canal" of the new millennium? I'm
not alone in this manner of thinking as I've heard from a slew of people
in/from this area who feel likewise (and of course, were part of the
spill/suit, etc.).

If there is going to be a long-term effect sought/exposed at some point in
the future, I'll side on that of safety. I believe (and so do many from
there) that this area if not to Judge Perez, then Missouri/St. Avide) that
green space means more to us than a park, playground or scenic bypass. It's
levees followed by a mile or so of cleared landscape to give back to nature.
Those living outside of the area probably won't understand as well, but it
sure is a turn-off from those who smelled the smells, breathed the air, and
exposed themselves purposely or inadvertently to the Lord knows what.
Thanks, Kent for your opinion on why we need a park in the oil spill area


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