[StBernard] Entergy Bills

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 13 10:41:15 EDT 2007

Not that I'm taking for Entergy since they are a pain to deal with, but here
are a couple of things to remember.

While the flood waters may have stopped your use of electricity, your meter
was still intact and Entergy was able to visit your home after the storm to
record usage from the date of your last meter reading until the storm. In
other words, if your last bill before the storm showed they read your meter
on August 2, you had 27 days worth of usage when they read your meter after
the storm.

Entergy's attempts to help storm victims with their bills was only a 50%

After my wife and I found a new place to live, Entergy waited five months
before they started billing us. Didn't really need it, but ok, nice

Half-hearted effort: I then received five months worth of bills in three
days. What good did that do me?

Some over-paid, no-heart, upper-level manager figured out how to get brownie
points in the paper right after the storm with no fallout when the truth
became known.


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