[StBernard] St. Bernard Proud

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 13 10:55:08 EDT 2007

First, let me correct you. I was born and raised in St. Bernard, I have
been a resident for 34 years, my entire life, its all I know and its all I
ever want to know. If living in St. Bernard kills me 5 or 10 years earlier
than I could have lived eslewhere than I am happy with that. I promise you
my love for St. Bernard is greater than yours ever was or ever will be, its
the reason I am living there and raising my kids there. Its also the reason
I begged my brothers to bring their families back home which they are now
back living in their houses with their families and they are so glad they
did. My love for St. Bernard is so great I put 32 people on my Irish Italian
float yesterday (# 20 and we could have named it anything but we chose BACK
WHERE WE BELONG because its how we feel, we made shirts stating the same
thing and threw them to other proud St. Bernardians, we love everything
about this place we call HOME). There is no way your love for St. Bernard
can be that great when # 1 you think its not safe to live here, # 2 I am not
sure I have heard you say one positive thing about St. Bernard since I
started reading your messages and # 3 the reason why St. Bernard is coming
back and will be better than before is because people are coming back and
working down here to make St. Bernard better, without the people our parish
would be dead but because of 30,000+ dedicated St. Bernardians we are
already back and getting better daily.

You want to help St. Bernard, sure voice your opinion from out of town, but
come back home and help us rebuild a community and help us fix some of the
issues you say are not fixed. We will do it alone but it surely would go
quicker with less talking and a little more action (I think Toby Keith said
it best with on of his songs, A little less take and a lot more action).

I have 1000's of pictures from when they first let us back into St. Bernard
after Rita was over, and I drive into and out of St. Bernard daily and the
improvement is remarkable for 18 months in the biggest disaster in our
nation's history. Do we have a long way to go? Yes but its not half as bad
as you make it sound thanks to the people who currently reside in St.

I am still not sure how you can have more interest to what happens in St.
Bernard than the people currently residing down here, I thought you told me
earlier in a message you had no desire to come back ever because of health
concerns, if that is the case then you have nothing to hold onto in my
opinion, St. Bernard is finished as far as you are concerned. Wherever you
are living now, go get on their forum, I am sure you have some complaints
about where you live now. Have you check the health concerns where you are
living now?

I hope I am not coming across as some smart a** person because I am not, I
love St. Bernard and I want everyone to come back, I want my parish back to
normal, I have no doubt it will get there one day, I hope I am around to see
it that way but I know my kids will be and that makes my fight to make it
better and to stop the bashing of it stronger.



Firstly, Chad. Correct yourself to my gender. MALE. Secondly, it's mygiven
right as I've probably lived there as long or longer than you (over 32years)
and a homeowner there, to speak as well as anyone. No interest?

If I didn't have an interest in ST. Bernard, sir, I would certainly have not
spent the past 2 years here and there cleaning, and here as well offering my
support to so many devastated as myself. What gives you or anyone a monopoly
over myself, sir, in terms of love for St. Bernard? Is it held specifically
to anyone's love? I probably have more interest in what happens to MY
ST.BERNARD than some who even live there, do not live by the golden rule,
does not love his/her neighbor, and does not support a community as I
have/had for a majority of my life. Opinionated, you bet!!

Since I believe I willingly speak what I believe is the truth, rather than
contrived, I speak with conviction in helping to rebuild my love of a parish
that I cherished. Why does one have to live within his old, destroyed
neighborhood, for example, to appreciate, grieve over, and wish it all the
love in the world towards recovery? That's a ludicrous idea. Let it amaze
you since you might not feel this way.Step outside the box and see it from
the perspective that not ALL (if any) who were forced from their beloved
community hate St. Bernard, or it's wonderful citizens/former neighbors,
churches, friends, that have, by their choice, decided it best for them.
Perhaps then, you'll understand more comprehensively and with compassion for
those who had to make a serious decision to survive the best that they knew
were in their interest. I actually admire those who choose to stay (whether
by necessity or choosing) and pick up the pieces of shattered lives and
properties, hoping to make something whole once again. That's why I write,
am opinionated (isn't everyone?) and want a grand future, where everyone is
made whole, live and work happily and feel loved, not disjointed. Have a
wonderful workweek, Chad!


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