[StBernard] Coming Back to St. Bernard

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 13 10:56:18 EDT 2007


We want you home too, trust me I am for every former St. Bernard resident to
re-consider they decision to move away and come help us come back quicker,
either way we are coming back is my point.

My message was to no other resident or former resident other than Jer or
people who consider to bash St. Bernard with no intension of ever coming
home. Jer has made that clear to me in other messages on this forum, I am
going to have to see if I saved that message or if its in the archives from
Westley. I am all for Jer coming home as well, he has plenty of untruths
running through his mind I can tell you that. The people who live down here
daily and breathe the air and work to clean up St. Bernard know what is
going on in St. Bernard, not the people who return once a month or once a

Here is to getting you home soon Wendy.




I can tell you an answer to that, because it's where I stand. In the bottom
of my heart I hope and pray and long to return. Even though my plans for the
immediate leave me elsewhere, I so want to come home.


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