[StBernard] Parade Info Louisiana Civil Codes

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Mar 19 22:58:27 EDT 2007

"Point of Info for the complainers on this board that have bashed the riders
of floats that have un-intentionally hit someone with beads etc." -- Jill

Jer: Thanks, for providing info about the Rules and Regulations of parading
and krewe throwing. However, it is unfortunate, Jill that "rules were made
to be broken". However, in fairness, it's just not applicable to parading as
we all have broken rules of some sort in life. The point is responsibility,
accountability and placing the safety of people who are at risk from those
who choose to break the letter of the rule/law with impunity. To those I
have seen attempting to get items to folks beyond the first row (leaning to
handout has taken the practice to at least many years ago when cocoanuts
were considered dangerous to reach 10 rows to 50 feet back into the crowd).

"..unless said loss or damage was caused by the deliberate and wanton act or
gross negligence of the organization."

Jer: And as we all believe: Un-intentially depends upon whether the person
is seen, whether some bystander is hit, and if someone excuses the actions
which could be construed as improper/inappropriate or criminal, perhaps.
Some might compare it thusly: I get in a position to shake a greeter's hand,
and instead while I'm looking at his hand, he uses the other to Stooge slap
me, knowing off my glasses and scratching my cornea. <G> Ouch!!

I don't wish to be a spoilsport for fun. I enjoy it wholeheartedly as the
next person. But stupidity comes in many colors of the spectrum. If you hit
me in the face with a cabbage from 30 feet while I'm watching the band
beyond the float I'm going to get my face broken. If people want the coveted
cabbage, potato or carrot, then get the word out that they come early, get a
front row seat and get it handed to them. It also would work the other way
if I become outraged getting ignored by a rider, throw a cabbage and breaks
the face of one's 14 year old daughter on the float. Either way cannot be
condoned and we all know this.

Hey, the parade's over. Let's plan the next one and meanwhile enjoy the
Easter season. Thanks for listing the rules, Jill.


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