[StBernard] Wendy

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Mar 19 23:29:00 EDT 2007


I can see you are passionate about St. Bernard parish and I am telling you I
want you and everybody else to come back, I just want people to see the
positives going on in the parish, does St. Bernard have negatives? Why of
course we do but progress has been and will continue to be made. We will
not agree with every decision made by our council or parish president and
that is why its important we vote the correct way next year and make sure we
got people with our best interests and with time to spend on the issues to
make sure we come back stronger.

I definitely agree with some of the things you bring up below including more
green space around the refinieries etc. but I can tell you that it does not
make a difference to me that new people are in our area that were not before
the storm, for the most part these are the people busting their butts daily
to make the parish look better whether it be contractors or volunteers.
This is America, before the storm these same people could have moved here if
they wanted to. Also, I have never smelled any of the smells from Murphy or
Mobil you are speaking of and I visit that area almost daily because that is
where my original property was. I really have no problem with anything you
said below in your message, you are down in St. Bernard making observations
based on what you see, I just hate people making assumptions based on what
they heard from people who were down there 1 time every month or longer,
these people are the people not returning and are not being truly honest
about whats happening in St. Bernard Parish.

If you need help getting something done Wendy let us know, we will get a
group together and help you, again we want you back home.


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