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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Apr 8 11:32:04 EDT 2007


I am checking on the exact amount received- we did not meet for executive
finance this week so the answer should be forthcoming next week but the
preliminary response from the administration is the amount was closer to a
50k donation and a 10k donation and it was not presented to the council for
any budget review as were many other funding sources done the same way.
This is why the council put a requirement that the budget as adopted was
artificially low to force monthly budget amendments as a means to monitor
the process of the administrations spending- we still are waiting to see if
this is being honored by the administration.

God Bless,

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Craig wrote:

>There were donated funds

>received early on after the storm that never made it

>to the council for approval and

>mostly were designated for operations-

Craig, was there any truth to the supposed 200K that was rec'vd for the

Are you saying funds were rec'vd, but not allowed to come before the council
for disbursement? What happened to these funds?


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