[StBernard] animal shelter

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Apr 8 20:50:08 EDT 2007

Aww damn...

That's why, come the elections, we are going to have to have a change in the
Parish Presidency.

What was cute and quaint prior to Katrina will not suffice now. We must
have transparency and cooperation between the President and the Council.

I don't know where your conscience will lead you in the idea of running for
Prez, but we've got to have someone who is competent and can cooperate and
work with the Council. So far, other than you, I don't see anyone on the
horizon who can do it.



I am checking on the exact amount received- we did not meet for
finance this week so the answer should be forthcoming next week but
preliminary response from the administration is the amount was
closer to a
50k donation and a 10k donation and it was not presented to the
council for
any budget review as were many other funding sources done the same
This is why the council put a requirement that the budget as adopted
artificially low to force monthly budget amendments as a means to
the process of the administrations spending- we still are waiting to
see if
this is being honored by the administration.

God Bless,

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