[StBernard] FEMA trailer relocation

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Apr 18 20:11:20 EDT 2007

Hi Craig,

It was nice to see most of ya'll in church Sunday. You have some great
kids. I can't remember ever seeing any of them giving you or Debbie any
trouble in church or out. You and Debbie should be very proud of the job
you are doing!

I'm hoping that you may have some advice for my parents. They are in a FEMA
mobile home--not travel trailer in Hammond. My dad has asked FEMA to
relocate his trailer to St. Bernard and has been ignored, told no, ignored,
etc. He doesn't want to go into a trailer park--but rather on the lot we
own next to my house. He wants to work on his house, but my mom is in such
poor health that it's hard for him to stay down here with my mom by herself
in Hammond. If we could get their trailer moved next to my house--all the
hookups are there as the folks we bought it from had a trailer --it would
make everyone's life so much easier. I'd be able to help look after my mom
and my dad could get started on his house.

Do you have any advice for us? A travel trailer won't do as I don't think
my mom could stand it. She can't get out much and being confined to such a
small space would be too much for her--I truly don't think she can take much
more--she's just too weak because of her heart. We have plenty of room and
the neighborhood had mobile homes prior to Katrina so zoning isn't an issue

If you can think of some way we can make this happen or someone we can talk
to who cares, we'd appreciate it. I feel so helpless and useless to my
parents. I worry about my mom--she's gone down so much since the storm and
I don't know how much more my dad can handle by himself. It would be such a
blessing to have them back in the parish so that I could lighten their
burdens a bit.


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