[StBernard] 2 bedroom home for rent in Chalmette Avail...May 1st see info

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Apr 18 20:14:12 EDT 2007

Gaby, do you mean the local SB Voice and the other one as far as papers?

The thing about listings in those is you can't see them on the internet if
you're not there to pick up a copy. It's also difficult to view the signs
on the road from out of town.

No one, it seems, wants you to have pets either. So sad since that's
apparently why a lot of people stayed behind and died...

Oh well...better start explaining to the parent that it's probably not going
to happen where we go back. Also, saw a posting on nola.com sbp forum where
a guy had to call an ambulance for his 80ish father and it took over an hour
for one to get there according to him. It was a cardiac event of some type.
They got him to Tulane Med Ctr alive and later to Ochsner. Had to do an
angiogram and stent procedure. He's lucky his dad lived. That type of
thing frightens me.

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