[StBernard] Governor's Week in Review: May 7 - May 11, 2007

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Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco's Week In Review: May 7-May 11, 2007


Governor Blanco: Louisiana has established a stronghold in the global economy
BATON ROUGE - Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco issued the following statement after German steel manufacturer ThyssenKrupp today announced Alabama as its choice for its new plant:
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2877 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2877>

Governor Blanco discusses Louisiana's stronghold in the global economy
"As many of you know, earlier this morning, ThyssenKrupp executives announced they selected Alabama as site of the company's next North American facility. I want to congratulate Governor Bob Riley of Alabama and his economic development team. As I have often said, they are tough competitors."
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2880&navID=13 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2880&navID=13>

Governor Blanco's address to the Louisiana Association of Community Action Partners
"Thank you, Gervis. And to all of our Community Action Partners, welcome back to Baton Rouge! As you know, today marks the fourth and final time I will welcome you as Governor. I will miss this annual visit. It brings me great joy to be in a roomful of friends with shared priorities. Our priorities, after all, are the people's priorities."
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2875&navID=13 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2875&navID=13>

Gov. Blanco testifies on behalf of House Bill 542
"I am pleased to join representative Monica Walker and Senator Diana Bajoie in presenting HB 542 which will create the Louisian! a Children and Youth Health Insurance Program."
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2871&navID=13 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2871&navID=13>

Governor Blanco testifies before the House Insurance Committee
"There are four pieces of legislation I want to discuss with you today. The first proposal, House Bill 558 by the Speaker, provides for premium reductions for retrofitting. I believe it is fair to place a demand on the insurance companies to reduce premiums to the policyholders for reducing their risk of storm damages by complying with the new statewide building codes."
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2870&navID=13 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2870&navID=13>

Governor Blanco's remarks at the GOHSEP hurricane preparedness table-top exercise
"Good morning. Today we convene our local, state, regional and federal partners for a full scale simulation of the challenges Louisiana could face this year. With the June 1st start of Hurricane Season only twenty-two days away, the importance of this operation cannot be overstated."
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2859&navID=13 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2859&navID=13>

Governor Blanco's Senate Insurance Testimony
"Insurance is one of the most important issues facing us this legislative session. It is inextricably tied to the recovery of South Louisiana and to the future growth of our state. While Louisiana is on the right road to recovery, we all know that journey will be short-lived if we do not have insurance to protect our new investments. The growth we have seen all over this state will be stymied if we do not have affordable insurance."
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2869&navID=13 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=4&articleID=2869&navID=13>

EDITORIAL: The Advocate supports Governor Blanco's plan for need-based college aid
Being a mother of six clearly influenced Gov. Kathleen Blanco's thoughts as she scanned with genuine horror the statistics about the costs of college. Blanco said she was appalled to learn that today's students in Louisiana graduate owing an average of $18,751 in student loan debt.
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=27&articleID=2851 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=27&articleID=2851>

Session Updates

http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2876 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2876>

http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2872 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2872>

http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2858 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2858>

http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2855 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=1&articleID=2855>

Governor's Column

Responsible tax cuts will strengthen Louisiana's future
Louisiana's strong economic outlook gives an historic opportunity to give Louisiana families and businesses a tax break. With targeted cuts to help ease the tax burden on our people and businesses, we can create a strong future for generations to come. My proposed tax cuts do just that.
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=2&articleID=2852 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=2&articleID=2852>


Governor Blanco issues proclamations
BATON ROUGE - Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco has issued the following proclamations:
o Proclamation No. 38 KBB 2007 - for a state of emergency for Morehouse Parish.
http://www.gov.state.la.us/assets/docs/38%20Proc%20Emergency-MorehouseParish%20May%2007.pdf <http://www.gov.state.la.us/assets/docs/38%20Proc%20Emergency-MorehouseParish%20May%2007.pdf>

Blanco's Blog

Julie Vinson, Boards and Commissions, 5.7.07
http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=35&articleID=2853 <http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=35&articleID=2853>

The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation
Louisiana's Fund for Louisiana's People

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