[StBernard] New Louisiana Demo Boasso Blasts Gubernatorial Opponent Jindal

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri May 11 23:21:34 EDT 2007

Newly-minted, Walter Boasso Blasted Bobby Jindal in what might be the first
direct shot at the seemingly invincible Republican Gubernatorial candidate
for Governor. In a statement on Friday, State Senator Walter Boasso,
candidate for Governor, blasted Bobby Jindal for "casting another vote
against Louisiana in a House Emergency Funding bill. The vote last night,
mostly along party lines, included 6.8 billion in hurricane relief funding
and was the third vote in recent weeks Jindal has cast against Hurricane
recovery funding for the state of Louisiana."

Boasso said, "Voters around the state have been asking what are the
differences between myself and Bobby Jindal," said Sen. Boasso. "Last
night's vote illustrated a huge difference between the two of us. I would
have voted for Louisiana families by supporting this much needed revenue
bill. Mr. Jindal had to choose between party loyalty and the people of
Louisiana. Unfortunately, he picked George Bush and Washington Republicans
over the needs of our people here at home."

Boasso's press release also stated that "The emergency spending bill
included billions in recovery funding for shrimpers, schools, colleges and
universities, and local governments in south Louisiana, as well as much
needed money for levee improvements. The supplemental bill also included
language waiving the 10 percent local match for disaster recovery projects
for local governments affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The bill also included $95.5 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, which is $4 billion more than the president requested and an
additional $5 billion to ensure returning troops receive the care they
deserve when they return home."

In a parting shot, Boasso said, "Fancy statistics and slick sounds bites
won't help Mr. Jindal explain last night's vote. Bobby Jindal likes facts
and the fact is Bobby Jindal voted against $6.8 billion in hurricane relief
funding. Our state desperately needs the funding in that bill and Mr.
Jindal should have had the political courage to do the right thing. .I
don't care whether this proposal is a Democratic or Republican proposal.

If it helps Louisiana families recover and rebuild from the hurricanes I'll
support it. Apparently, that is a choice Mr. Jindal is not willing to

On Thursday, Jindal testified in Congress regarding ways he felt the federal
and state governments were impediments to helping with the Louisiana

The candidates are competing for the job of Governor which is being vacated
by Governor Kathleen Blanco.

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