[StBernard] Fax over Internet

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed May 30 00:08:05 EDT 2007

If you have been looking to get a private fax number but couldn't justify
$20 a month for a phone line or one of the other Internet based fax
services, your search has ended.

I have a limited supply of toll-free numbers that be used so that you can
receive your faxes as a PDF attachment in email. The cost for this limited
supply is only $3.00 per month for the number and four cents per minute
usage. Once I hand out my supply, the cost is $5.00 per month plus four
cents per minute.

Using a web based interface, you can also send faxes over the Internet.
Domestic rates are the same, low four cents per minute. International rates
will vary by country.

If you want to see what it looks like, send a fax to 866.723.1056, include
your email address, and I will forward it to you. Send me your fax number,
and I'll send you a fax also.


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