[StBernard] Nancy Pelosi: Un-American quotes

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed May 30 23:47:17 EDT 2007

I pray for Chris, as well. He's there because he wants to keep war from our
shores. He's a hero of us all along with the multitude of servicemen and
women everywhere we fight to preserve our liberty here!


Thanks for your well wishes for my nephew, Chris. He is in the 1st Cav.
stationed in Fort Hood, TX. Please pray for all of our soldiers. Chris has

13 confirmed kills and it weighes heavily on his young mind. At his worst
times he has called himself a murderer. He has cried many tears. Of
course, he is not a murderer and he is doing his job and what he is trained
to do and what he should do. He is serving our country. But our soldiers
suffer the reality of war and it is hard on them emotionally. Please all,
pray for him to return to us safely. He's one of us, a true Chalmation and
my hero.


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