[StBernard] Building better

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed May 30 23:47:17 EDT 2007

Wendy, we shouldn't get into freaks of nature/evolution, but more to the
aberrations that man has placed himself into society. There are guidelines
of good in our world and even if organized religion is challenged by God's
anti-goodness (aka, Satan), we use a list of goodness to be God-like. The
church, actually is organized. Individualism is more accurate because we
wish to save our souls on a per-person basis and I can't save yours nor the
church's souls. It has to be done specifically on a one-by-one salvation. If
you choose not to accept God, it's your soul. If one chooses God's
condemnations in lieu of the total goodness of God's laws, it's the
damnation of life itself. So as not to go off on a religious tangent, just
let it suffice to say belief in the words of God (the Bible, divineness,
etc.) is what prompts the human spirit to do good. Unnatural, aberrations to
that is contrary to the will of God upon our spirit.

There is no salvation without our Maker. If one chooses not believe, that
belief removes hope and life from our soul in the hereafter.

Besides, a frog has no soul--hence no idea what he humps, nor the dog on
one's leg. He has to be taught to get off one's limb if he wishes to live a
long earthly life. Again, Homosexuality (humans with souls), Wendy, is
always a wrong choice. Customizing it to include children, scientific
advances which disguises it to appear proper does not make things right.

If one has a conscience for righteousness, ignoring its motivation away from
God's laws towards man's desires and whims makes humans more frog-like,
wouldn't you say?


"Jer, They are now finding that some whales and some frogs are showing
homosexual tendencies (this was on the discovery channel), so does that make
homosexuality an abomination or an act of God? Is it God's way of population
control since we have beat all natural forms of population control- plagues,
disease, etc.? I have learned a long time ago, all because the church
teaches it doesn't necessarily make it right. --Wendy

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