[StBernard] Expanding higher ed access for low income students

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed May 30 23:47:17 EDT 2007


Two things. First, I'd much rather have the throwing arm of the son
(Payton) instead of Daddy's. Second, I never realized you have a thing for
Reese Witherspoon? She is cute.

For me, it's actress Jeri Ryan...and for you guys who ever watch "Star Trek:
Voyager" you know what I'm talking about. She plays the human/borg
character "7 of 9".

John Scurich

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> Wendy,


> A couple of things.


> 1) Those service times have been around forever. I can still remember for

> Popeyes, three minutes in the lobby and 30 seconds at the drive-thru.


> you have employees that care, those times are very possible. (I still get

> the urge at times, when I walk into a Popeyes to tell them to just step


> and let me fix my own damn order. At least I'll get it right and in half

> the time).


> 2) I can't say my parents pushed me to exceed, I did that on my own. It

> probably accounts for the majority of my conservative leanings. If I


> achieve what I have on my own, there is no reason no one else can do the

> same.


> It's just like the old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you


> make him drink. Some people, for whatever reason, simply have no desire


> propel themselves forward.


> I work hard, put in more than 40 hours a week, and don't have a steady

> paycheck. However, I'm putting three kids thru Catholic school (one in


> school right now), I attend 99% of all school functions for my kids, I can

> take them to doctor when needed, we have a nice house, and if I want to


> a day off, I can do it and not have to answer to anyone else. Some of


> items you can't put a price on, which is why I work for myself.


> 3) I think a lot of people, especially Liberals (sorry), take Thomas

> Jeffersons words out of context. "All men are created equal" Yes, all


> are created equal in the sense that everyone is "endowed by their Creator

> with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and


> Pursuit of Happiness." Notice the period at the end of happiness? That's

> it. It stops there.


> If everyone were created equal, every female would look like Reese

> Whitherspoon and every male like Brad Pitt. I would be able to throw a

> football like Archie Manning and you would be able to ice skate like


> Hamil. I know it doesn't hold true for me and I'm pretty certain it


> hold true for you.


> I can understand the fast food stores getting less "core hours", but how

> much of that is due to more processed foods? Before I started at Popeyes,

> they used to cut the onions for onions rings in the store, by the time I


> there, they were coming pre-cut. That one change had to cut at least one,

> if not two, hours from the daily schedule.


> What changes did Taco Bell make over the last 20 years that changed how


> was actually prepared in the store? I bet that had to account for most of

> the drop.


> And why shouldn't a managers bonus be based on profit? What good is


> a taco for 39 cents if it 40 cents to make it? You're still losing a


> a taco.


> And yes, I know if people change jobs too much, it can hurt them. It's


> of those issues where the person needs to weigh the pros and cons.


> My brother-in-law works offshore. There is such a demand for people that

> each company keeps leap-frogging the other in pay and there are employees

> who are jumping at almost every pay hike.


> I told my brother-in-law, since he is making good money, he likes the

> company he is working for, he gets a raise every time his company


> the other company, that it is prudent for him to just stay where he is.

> When a downturn offshore occurs, and the companies have to start laying

> people off, he should be at the bottom of the list for who to let go. The

> company is probably around the size of Boasso America and I think the boss

> has the same mentality as Walter. Be good to those who are good to you.


> Westley

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