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Mon Jun 25 19:27:40 EDT 2007


As usual, great additional commentary.


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I hate complaining about something or pointing out a problem without
suggesting a solution. While I am not sure of the perfect remedy, I believe
starting with the replacement of most elected officials could only be
regarded as a good start. --- John Scurich"

**John, once again I concur. "Throwing the rascals out of office" is just
the tip of the iceberg. Making newly affected officials accountable, watched
as hawks do on newborn chicks is preferable to 3-ring circuses that have
occurred for so long. We need to become vigil enough to know the difference
between capable and ineffectiveness, and crook from honest elected
officials. We as voters obviously have done an awful job of judging the
candidate and thus, have poor taste in choosing who will run our state,
local and national governments throughout the years.

Take for granted New Orleans: They pick an obvious racists, Nagin whose
"Chocolate City" comment have embarrassed our area to the hilt. Then the
voters there ignore the track record and vote him back in. The same for
Jefferson. After a sting operation, they worship him again and follow up
with a winning election again.

Embarrassed? Well, New Orleans doesn't appear to feel so. However, it
doesn't stop there and the "jury isn't back yet" on our local officials in
St. Bernard. There may be a few good eggs and when the whole story is told,
we hope ALL will be good eggs. There's nothing like a rotten egg to ruin the
entire carton. <G>.

Then there's the state running it like the Keystone Cops. Fiasco? That's
mildly put when we consider recovery for so many is long overdue when we
consider that every day that passes makes it extremely difficult to resume
any quality of life.



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