[StBernard] Legislature Supports Task Force to Study State PlanningOffice

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jun 25 19:28:14 EDT 2007

"So, as the blind man said "we'll see." We'll see if any of this Louisiana
Speaks Regional Plan ever "really" sees the light of day. But like I said,
don't hold your breath - especially when new players enter the political
game and patronage calls its marker. Folks, trust me, I'm not trying to be a
pessimist - it's just that I've witnessed this first hand and I know how the
unfortunate reality of politics can change the best of intentions. - John

**Once again, I'm agreeing with your insight. UNLESS HUGE tracts of land are
converted into areas the size of "city parks", those preposterous plans of
gardens, huge conversions of neighborhoods converted into plush greenery,
tracks of green spaces and landscaper's wonderlands belong to "Alice".

With 90% of St. Bernard expected to return (by futurists), etc. the
neighborhoods are going to get many homes reconstructed in the same
materials and styles ("fixed up", restored, reconditioned, etc.).

Everyone would love a "total redesign" of all neighborhoods as a facelift.
However, with the struggles of those to get proper money they need, St.
Bernard probably will look very similar to the way it did prior to Katrina
(in exception of raised homes to "camp-like" appearances, slabs raised, or
land built up to look "terraced"). The neighborhood populace will change as
well. Those who haven't lived in the parish before will take up residence as
values currently give them affordability to the St. Bernardian-American

Not that all of this is right or wrong for St. Bernard. But, World-class?
Where's the double to triple expense of doing each neighborhood going to
come from? The state is broke, parish finances are beyond broke and America
is impatient with given money to communities that mocked recovery, disgraced
the country and refuses to do things proper with accountability and

Heaven help us all.


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