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Mon Jun 25 19:44:27 EDT 2007


Mrs. Peggy, Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Elyce have been busy bees working to
get Gethsemane Preschool open in August. Of course they have had to start
from the ground up replacing everything. If you have a child who will turn
2 or 3 before September 30, 2007 and are interested in more information
regarding enrollment of your child please contact Elyce at 271-2149, or
Peggy at 504-495-9759 or send an email to msseago at cox.net.

If you would like to help out, below is a wish list of items that are needed
to get started. Also needed are your prayers that our efforts will be
successful and we will once again be able to reach out and share God's word
and love with the little children of our church and community.

Office & School Machines

File cabinets

Big Laminating Machine and laminating sheets

Record player/CD/tape player

TV & Rolling Stand

DVD/VHS player

Copy Machine

Elson Machine (die cut)



Digital Camera

Paper Cutter

First Aid Kit

Furniture for Rooms

Wall easels


Changing table

Child size tables

Coat hooks

Shelves by window

Bulletin board boarder around the room

2 Rocking chairs

Big Area Rugs

Office & School Supplies

Printing paper

Colored paper

Card Stock

Construction paper
Washable paints

Fat crayons

Finger paste (not stick glue)


Crock pot

Old Fashion Popcorn Popper

Art & Craft supplies

Hot glue gun

Polaroid Camera and film

Bulletin Board paper

Sharpie Markers (all colors)

Big Permanent Markers

(all colors)

Aprons (childrens) for finger

and easel painting


Pegs & Board





Make-up table

Big tin wash tubs

Little pots & pans

Little farm animals

Little People



Plastic bins for toys

Small: kitchen table & chairs, stove, cabinet, etc.

Small rocker for children

Spiritual CDs & DVDs for children

Musical Instruments

Bouncing Balls

Bean Bags


Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't
want, to impress people they don't like. -Will Rogers

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