[StBernard] Murphy Soil Remediation

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jun 26 21:02:56 EDT 2007


Most of us share the same frustrations with our industrial neighbor and how they are impeded our rebuilding efforts.

While I support your efforts to restore our community, I feel very strongly about your post with
reference to Murphy ""It was rumored prior to Katrina that Murphy wanted to move the administration building on properties that are accessible by Ohio St. Made good sense. Why have the heavy industrial
property on the river used for non-industrial activities." I would question why have ANY industry next to a family's home. Why have industry and commercial in R1 Single Family Residential Zoning. This refinery has been allowed to expand too closely to residents' homes in past decades. Moving ANYTHING into our residential neighborhood accessible by Ohio Street or any other residential street would be contrary to our efforts to developing our neighborhood to bring people back. We have, like so many others, labored to not only provide adequate housing for our families, but to restore a peaceful life and safe haven to raise children.

We have a neighborhood organization of Concerned Citizens who live in the Residential Neighborhood around Murphy Refinery. We want what anyone in St Bernard Parish would want. We want Clean Air, Clean Water, and Uncontaminated Soil. We have recently asked our Parish Council to Support Us to Preserve the Quality of Life in Our Residential Neighborhood specifically by Maintaining the Existing R1 Single Family Residential Zoning, Monitoring and Enforcing noise, traffic and other nuisance ordinances, and commenting to the DEQ on Murphy's Proposed Expansion with our Parish Resolution SBPC#243 that requests DEQ and EPA to monitor and enforce regulations.
Interested residents may email SJRKneale at aol.com

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